She Wonders in Words

“After swooning over yet another kitten 2015-02-07 12.51.28 she wondered to herself at what age one crosses over from ailurophile to crazy cat lady.”


“Brooding over a cup of steaming coffee 2015-07-11 09.09.30 in the stillness before dawn, she wondered at the meaning of life, the universe, and everything.”

“Returning to the bucolic farmstead of her youth 2014-07-04 15.12.39 she wondered if she could find happiness and contentment here again after years of city dwelling and the instant gratification that provides.”

“She wondered if she would continue to be the cynosure to her nieces and nephews 2015-04-17 10.30.47 once she had a family of her own.”

“She wondered if more options really were better since it only meant that most things she did were mediocre at best and most of the skills and passions she acquired quickly burnt out and faded away again from desuetude.”

“The snowflakes falling outside the window 2014-11-21 12.56.47 covered her view of outside world in a diaphanous white hue and she wondered if the fluffy flakes could soften the hearts they fell on as well.”

“Monday morning passed in a most desultory and miserable fashion and she wondered what the rest of the week held.”

She wondered why a funeral usually turned into an assemblage of family members who have ceased to communicate and likely never would save for death’s claim on their mutual blood.

Brooding over a cup of steaming coffee in the stillness before dawn, she wondered at the meaning of life, the universe, and everything.

She wondered when the frequency at which friends and family beleaguered her with mentions of single, available men they knew would drop. Is there a law of diminishing return? A saturation point? A bell curve? An inverse formula?

She wondered what secrets the once well-kept bungalow held underneath its layers of dust, cobwebs, footprints, and creaking floorboards.

The small green gem gleamed and winked chatoyant from the shadows and she wondered how it ended up in such a place surrounded by bat droppings and mice carcasses.

She wondered how long the comely, lumbersexual (the new, improved, and virile hipster) trend in men’s fashion would last.

She wondered how many family gathering, traditions, passions, and interests she could conflate into one weekend trip back home.

She wondered in disgust at the massive demesne that anti-agriculture propaganda had on social media.

She often wondered, to no avail, if a sweetly demure personality would take her farther than the brisk, all-business attitude she usually wore.

She reflected on the frailty and futility of life and wondered when the denouement of its purpose would be revealed by the Sovereign Deity.

She dissembled her general restlessness and unrest and wondered if those around her noticed the ripples of discontent that occasionally showed in her countenance.

She spoke in a soothing, dulcet tone and wondered if it would be enough to calm the frightened child.

She wondered, with growing ebullience, at where the gem came from, what its original purpose was, who the owner was, and when she would find another clue to solve the growing mystery.

She wondered if the effervescent Champaign slipping down her throat would quell the nervous butterflies in her stomach and give her liquid courage.

She wondered if her daily writing discipline would bring about the efflorescence of a writing career she had always secretly dreamed of.

She wondered how he expected the elision of his marriage to remain unknown indefinitely.

She wondered if there was a virility elixir out there that the boys in her generation could drink and thence, finally enter adulthood.

She wondered what flaws and insecurities the eloquence and sheer quantity of his compliments covered over.

She wondered if her daily embrocation of vitamin E would make the scar fade more quickly.

As she mixed the emollient of herbs into a salve she wondered if the knowledge used to aide in healing for centuries would disappear with the advent of modern medicine.

She wondered how the abrupt end of the ephemeral acquaintance the vibrant stranger could make her feel so hollow and colorless.

After turning thirty and reflecting on all of the unexpected turns her life had taken she wondered if the epiphany on what is most important in life would last long enough to shape her future decisions and curb further regrets.

With renewed resolution, she wondered if learning to extend grace to her own shortcomings would be enough to greet the future with peace and let go of her erstwhile dread of failure.

She looked around at abandoned room with the dust hanging arrested in the stray shards of sunlight, giving the silence an ethereal feel, and she wondered what secrets lurked in the corners and behind the drapes.

She wondered at the deep-seated, irrational fear she had of tragedy befalling quickly after she finally found her soul mate, rendering their romance evanescent.

She wondered at the evocative effect the song was having on her senses by bringing up old memories and fresh pain.

She wondered if she looked particularly fetching in her new outfit and if anyone would notice it.

She wondered what facet of the coffee shop experience made her feel such felicity and refreshment.

She looked at her current free time with critical forbearance to anything that did not feed her creativity or her soul and she wondered what the effects would have on her quality of life.

She wondered wistfully at the fugacious holiday season that had already slipped through her fingers and her expectations.