Remember the Future

Faith & Patience: Thoughts on James 5:7-12 Remember the future. Keep it in mind. Let it bear weight on all my actions and interactions. This world is temporal. I’m constantly striving and grasping to squeeze Keep Reading

Quietness of the Soul

Words. Such an incredibly mighty force. Even that description doesn’t do them justice. They hold such power and influence and control. They are weighty and monumental. They pass down our memories and learning and inspire Keep Reading

To Do Good Works

Some things from my past chased me down this weekend. And I let them in. I bid them permission to have a good romp over my heart and self-esteem and perspective. I let them temporarily Keep Reading

Playing Favorites

Judging and categorizing people instantly? Guilty. I like to blame it, at least partially, on my personality. I feel compelled to analyze absolutely everything and if I can put someone in a category then I Keep Reading

Because Jesus

This post is one of those I Believe manifestos. Why am I a believer? Why Christianity? Why the Bible? Why a black and white, heaven and hell stance in a grey and wishy washy world? Keep Reading

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